Did you know that all domesticated pigeons and doves are descended from a single species: Columba livia, the rock dove?

No? Neither did we. But all those rollers, racers and dovecote occupants with fluffy feet. curly feathers and fan-tails are domesticated versions of the one species. And, apparently, the process of domestication began more than 10,000 years ago.

Header Image: rock dove (CC0) pixabay.com

3 thoughts on “DYK

  1. And probably woodpigeons too, although they can roost in trees while pigeons can’t

    1. Wood pigeons are a different species: Columba palumbus, while rock doves and all those domesticated pigeons/doves are Columba livia. I was astonished when I was told and didn’t believe it until I had fact-checked it with Google.

  2. They are so alike they even have ‘nostrills’ like pigeons (and incidentally parrots?)

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