Lambrok Stream threatened

Lambrok Stream is the heart of the park’s ecosystem; the residential development proposed for Church Lane threatens its well-being.

Ian B. walked the length of both tributaries at the weekend and sent in this :

“Pond humming with Broad-bodied Chasers at least eight males and I think a female.  A dozen of  what I believe to be Common Blue Damselflies, all around the outlet, and a Large Red.  I’ll send some pictures to Steve Covey, the County Recorder, for confirmation, just to be sure they are not Southern Damselflies.


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“A Heron flew over the pond, plenty of Meadow Browns and Ringlets, particularly in the tall grass areas, Speckled Woods, Comma, Large Whites and Skippers. Three pairs of Beautiful Demoiselles and a Banded Demoiselle by the little bridge into Village Green – with a Red Admiral and maybe a Small Skipper.


“The reedy area in Lambrok meadow where there were Caddis Fly larvae in the spring is bone dry, all I found was a Seven Spot Ladybird and some Small Skippers.

“The open bend of the Lambrok nearest to the car park had three pairs of Beautiful Demoiselles. I rescued a large Swan Mussel and put it in a deeper pool.”

Such ecosystems, built around a little freshwater stream, are fragile and need to be cared for. We are already concerned about the effect of this extended dry spell; we worry about run-off from the road during storms and the farming practices of our neighbours. The proposed housing development could well be disastrous.

Remember: Thursday, July 5th, 3.00 – 6.30pm, at St John’s Hall.

Header picture: DKG

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studley snip 3


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