Lambrok surrounded by sites allocated for building.

This is a link to the latest draft of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan.  It is a pdf and the pages you want are numbered 49 – 53, but according to the pdf reader, they are pages 55 – 57.

We are not allowed to publish the maps: they are copyrighted. They show the Church Lane site (H2.4) on page 55, the Upper Studley site (H2.5) on page 56, and the Southwick Court site (H2.6) on page 57. These are sites the county has made available for building development.

If all these sites were built on, that part of the Lambrok that runs through, or next to residential areas would be extended upstream by 1.5 kilometres. The two tributaries that run through the park do not have built up areas upstream; if any of these sites are built on, even if they meet all the restrictions outlined in these plans, it will change the quality of the water in the Lambrok and that will change the ecosystem.

Google maps shows quite clearly that the upper tributaries of the Lambrok run through open fields and the park is part of that system. Building on any of these sites will make the park part of the Lambrok’s lower system, which runs past and through residential areas.

Please, attend RPS’s exhibition in St John’s Hall, in Church Lane, Thursday 5th July between 3.00pm and 6.00pm.

More about the Church Lane development:

studley snip 3


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