Vandals at Southwick Country Park


From SCP’s Countryside Officer, Ali Rasey to FoSCP member Ian B, 17/09/2018, 18:15

Hi Ian,
When you’re at SCP tomorrow, could you check the bridge at Studley end please, I’ve just received this from the Police and it sounds as if it could be our bridge? Would be good if the police took descriptions of the youths.

Police report:
Crime: arson and criminal damage 15/09/2018 – 1702 hrs. LAMBROK ROAD, TROWBRIDGE – 4-5 youth suspects have been seen damaging a wooden bridge at the location by breaking off and throwing the bridge’s planks into the water 

Thanks, Ali.

From Ian B to Ali Rasey 18/09/2018, 16:26

Hi Ali,
Damage to the bridge near ‘The Tunnel’,  No sign of the missing piece.  Mindless vandalism again, can probably just replace the broken half rather than the whole rail.


From Ali Rasey to Ian B. 18/09/2018, 17:09

Hi Ian, thanks for this, I’ll see what wood we have in the depot to do a repair.  I’m getting a bit fed up with this, it’s getting time consuming and expensive for us.  I will email the police to see if they can step up their patrols in the park. 


From Ali Rasey to the police 18/09/2018, 17:25

Hi Melissa,
We seem to be getting targeted, and trying to keep up with the vandals is getting time consuming and expensive:

  • July, more than £1200 spent on reinforcing the boundaries between the Park and neighbouring landowners, + staff time
  • September, more than £500 needs to be spent on replacing the bench that was destroyed by a group of male youths (we think), + staff and volunteer time;
  • September, probably £20 needs to be spent on replacing damaged rail by bridge, + yet more staff and volunteer time; according to the police report that came to me via the crime alerts, youths are the perpetrators:-

I’d be grateful for any suggestions about what we can do.  The anti-social behaviour so far seems to be mainly at the Upper Studley end of the Country Park.


From Ali Rasey to FoSCP 10/09/2018, 11:50

Hi Suzanne.

….we need to get the good people to feel more ownership of their park, and feel that they can challenge anybody they see messing around in this way (keeping safe of course).

Many thanks, Ali.

And finally, let’s repeat a message from our Community Police Officer, sent when this spate of vandalism began back at the beginning of the summer:

“… it is important to note that if people choose to take photos, these photos MUST NOT be posted or shared online, on social media etc. I would rather they came directly to myself ( as I cover the beat area. My email is not for emergency use but for intelligence gathering. If people do email me,  could they provide as much information as possible, and a contact number to get back to them on”

Report a problem to FoSCP or the police

Recent vandalism:

vandalism - damaged bench by Ian Bushell

Picnic area damage

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  1. There has also been vandalism to the childrens play area on Southwick playing fields. There is nothing in Southwick to keep older children ocupied. No clubs, sporting activities, or other pursuits and the devil makes work for idle hands.

  2. That is £1700+ of OUR money on fixing things that these kids have broken this summer! When they are caught is anybody going to make them pay the money back.

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