October work party

Words and pictures by DKG:

Apologies, for not getting these photos posted earlier. It was not only Ian having a senior moment on Wednesday (Ian forgot the work party; turned up late. Ed.) for some reason my camera was not set up correctly when taking photos that day. I have had to delete several as they were not suitably exposed. There were other errors, even though they seemed ok when I looked at them after shooting. I have managed to improve these to some extent in Photoshop to make a reasonable photos.



Wednesday was another warm day to be working in the park, especially for October. The young trees in the well being area have now been cleared of brambles, nettles and thistles. And more Ragwort has been removed from the Race and the allotment boundary.
The next ongoing task, started today, was the haloing around the Oaks in the bottom corner of Sleepers. A large dense area of brambles are being removed so we can reach the original boundary ditch and then remove and/or lower the Hawthorn and Blackthorn.



Ian did finally find his way out, thanks to using Clive’s new saw. This work will continue for the next few work party days, providing no emergency work comes to light.

Once again large amounts of litter was collected by Pat, who also reported that some people are still not picking up their dog mess or, if they do pick it up, they throw the bags into the hedgerows.


Coffee Time by DKG
Coffee Time


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