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The Inspector’s Examination of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan (WHSAP) has reached the public hearing stage. Hearings will begin on April 2nd at 9.30 am in The Civic Trowbridge, St Stephen’s Place, BA14 8AH.                                                                            

The Inspector, Stephen Lee, has sent three documents to the people and organisations who contributed to the public consultation. The first deals with the Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) arising from WHSAP; the second is Guidance Notes largely for those who wish to make a further statement, either written or verbal; the third lays out a timetable for the hearings.

With the Programme Officer’s permission we have posted all three documents to the main menu under the heading WHSAP.

In Matters, Issues and Questions, page 4, Issue 5.15, Southwick Country Park and the biodiversity of the three sites we feel should not be developed, at Church Lane (H2.4), Upper Studley (H2.5) and Southwick Court (H2.6), are mentioned specifically. FoSCP are encouraged by this; we feel we have been mentioned in dispatches.

Any further submissions or requests to speak at the hearings must reach the Programme Officer, Ian Kemp, by 5pm on Friday 8th March 2019.

Here are his contact details:
Email: idkemp@icloud.com
Tel: 01527 861711
Mob: 07723 009166

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