The vandalism continues

The fence around the Lone Oak is gradually being pulled apart. It is happening late in the evening, usually on fine days, when there are only a few people around; a group of teenage boys, some on bikes, come to the park specifically to break things and at the moment this fence is their target. Seven or eight of the planks have been pulled away now and one of the uprights has been damaged.

The fence is there to protect park-users from the dangers of an ageing tree; the Lone Oak has dead and rotting branches and its trunk is hollow in its upper part. Last year it became quite a popular picnic spot and, after an extensive aerial survey of the tree, our Tree Officer decided it was too dangerous to let that continue. The alternative to the fence is either the amputation of the rotting limbs or felling the whole tree.

The Phantom Digger continues to sabotage our efforts to re-establish wetland ecology in the boggy patch in the middle of Lambrok Meadow. We have made a joke of this and it has attracted a lot of readers to the website but it is vandalism. Wetland is a very scarce wildlife habitat and we have worked hard on improving this small patch yet some, as yet unidentified, park user insists on trying to drain it.

Three weeks ago, we hammered half a dozen willow stakes into the western corner of the dog pond. Freshly cut willow, at this time of year, will root easily in wet ground; our intention was to establish overhanging vegetation on that side of the pond to encourage dragonflies to breed there. The stakes were pulled out and thrown into the pond out within twenty four hours.

Were are beginning to feel that all our efforts for the park are being undone, that we are being countered at our every turn and we don’t understand why. We work and walk around the park wearing high viz vests with our name emblazoned on the backs; we are always willing to answer questions. Now we would like a question answered; why this apparent attack on our plans and preparations for the park?

4 thoughts on “The vandalism continues

    1. No; there is no plan to fence the pond. We WOULD like to increase the vegetation on the Village Green side to provide places for water-fly nymphs to leave the water, and shade to reduce evaporation and encourage amphibians. But our first effort at doing that didn’t even last the rest of the day.

  1. If someone disagrees with the way the park is being managed then could they please talk to one of the volunteers? We will always listen to reasoned criticism. We try to do what is best for the community, including the humans and the wildlife in our community. We volunteers are not faceless bureaucrats. We are just residents of the area who support the park for the love of the park and when working in the park wear yellow vests to show it.

    1. Thank you David, that is a very valid point. FoSCP and our Countryside Officers have two priorities: the people and the wildlife, and we feel that they can live happily alongside one another.

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