More handbrake turns

These are photographs taken last weekend, early on Sunday morning. Whoever it is who is churning up our car park does it on Saturday night; if you know him or her please ask them to stop. Please tell them that our poor car park’s surface is not tarmac, it is rolled planings, and will not last long under such treatment.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “More handbrake turns

  1. Idiots. Have you considered putting a gate in at the end of the tarmac so stop them accessing the car park? Doesn’t excuse their behaviour and misuse of the car park, but if it means the surface will be preserved….or, install a camera and find out who it is? Sad that this even has to be considered.

    1. We have thought about a gate but the park is open 24/7 and we would forever be in danger of locking people in the car park. They are just kids with no thoughts in their heads of consequences.

    1. It happens rarely, we think at weekends, but when it does happen, it really tears the surface up. We feel that if we knew who it was, and we just asked them to please stop, the problem would go away. On the whole, young people seem to appreciate and value our park, and if they do damage, it’s usually inexperience and/or thoughtlessness.

  2. Might be worth putting up some night trail cameras you might be lucky enough to catch the registrations of them

    1. You would then need to put up signs saying that there are cameras recording to use footage as evidence! 😐😒

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