More about 20/00379/OUT

The Ecological Survey and Report that was submitted with Planning Application 20/00379/OUT says this:

Desktop data was obtained from Wiltshire and Swindon Biodiversity Records Centre(WSBRC) in August 2016. The search parameters were set at 2 km from the site for non-statutory designated wildlife sites and notable species records. The search was extended to 4km for bat records.

Since August of 2016 the Friends have identified in the park, reported to the WSBRC, and added to their own lists, many new species.

These include:

  • five species of mammal, including the protected water vole;
  • thirty eight species of birds, including skylark, meadow pipit, linnet, spotted flycatcher, bullfinch, marsh tit and grey wagtail, all red-listed;

1. meadow pipit 2. bullfinch 3. Spotted flycatcher

  • twenty seven new species of lepidoptera including the rare white letter hairstreak and the wall brown, both UK BAP Priority Species.
  • eleven species of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies), among them the scarce chaser which is listed under category 3 (scarce) in the British Red Data Book on Insects.

4, wall brown 5. white letter hairstreak 6. scarce chaser

  • six species of coleoptera;
  • six of grasshoppers and crickets;
  • four wasp species.

7. bloody nosed beetle 8. speckled bush cricket 9. knopper gall wasp

You get the picture: there is a significant number of species, many of them protected, red-listed and BAP prioritised, that have been identified as living in the park since 2016, when the data search for this Ecological Survey and Report was conducted.

Surely this proposal to build houses in an ecologically important greenfield site should not be considered without up-to-date ecological information.

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2 thoughts on “More about 20/00379/OUT

  1. Hello Suzanne

    Thank you again for your work on Application 20/00379/OUT.

    I can only find one response, from Graham Hill, on the Wiltshire web page. I am sure we should have more than this. Are the objection responses going to the web page? I wondered if I was asking for the wrong page.

    We want to respond and fear we might be doing it wrong!



    1. They have been having all sorts of problems with their website all week; it may be something to do with that. The case officer in Spatial Planning is Ruaridh (pronounced Rory) O’Donoghue and his direct line number is 01225 716761; give him a ring and make sure everything is working now. If the page has been out of action for a week, shouldn’t the public consultation time be extended?

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